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About Motor Club of America

Motor Club of America is an established and trusted company that has been providing customers with the finest products and services since 1926. That's right...for 86 years MCA has been giving our members peace of mind whether at home, work, play, or on the road! Motor Club of America will give you the personal service and attention you expect, enjoy, need and deserve!
Motor Club of America has been providing Members with the finest products and services for many years, but specifically to professional truck drivers. However, in October 2011 MCA collaborated with a company called TVC Marketing Associates and redesigned our Membership Protection Plan to also work with basic automobiles and vehicles. The Benefits Package is now tailored to work with your existing insurance, helping to fill in the gaps in order to provide our members with a complete motoring protection. It is important to remember, however, that the Motor Club of America is NOT an insurance.. The benefits are provided to be used on top of your existing insurance coverage; therefore, benefits are paid directly to you...the Member. 
Motor Club of America provides protection 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with our unlimited Emergency Roadside service which not only covers your car, truck or van, but also covers your motorcycle, RV, boat, Dually pick up truck and livestock trailer at NO additional cost! BUT WAIT...because as a member you get more than a member you also get the opportunity to start your own Home Business and earn high commissions, as well as, monthly residual income with our Associate Referral Marketing Plan.
Motor Club of America also offers services such as: Legal Services for traffic accidents or violations, a guaranteed $500 arrest bond and $25,000 bail bond. We also offer Medical Service Coverage...such as Emergency Room visits, or any travel related to the Emergency Room visit, daily hospital benefits of up to $54,750 to cover Lad Work and Doctor care. and even $10,000 in Accidental Death benefits to be paid to the deceased Members family if an accident results in the death of that member. There is even a $50,000 Death & Dismemberment Coverage for you and your loved ones. Motor Club of America also provides Prescription, Vision and Dental Discounts of up to 60%. THIS FEATURE IS PERFECT FOR THE MANY PEOPLE IN THE UNITED STATES WHO DO NOT CURRENTLY CARRY ANY TYPE OF HEALTH INSURANCE and have a need for those services! These discounts can make a huge difference in the life of people. MCA also offers Travel Services, as well as, Car Rental and Hotel Discounts.

Services Offer to Members & Associates


How Much You Are Going to Get Paid with MCA.

As an Independent Associate for TVC/MCA Marketing, you have the ability to get creative when promoting MCA as long as you are in compliance with your Independent Associate Marketing Agreement.  Please, make sure MCA logo's or trademarks are not used on competitors sites.

As you develop and grow with MCA their are steps that will propel you to success.

1.  Learn as much as you can about Motor Club of America and what each plan includes.

2  Market wherever you go:  Offline with business cards, flyers, door hangers, brochures and of course talk to everyone you meet.

3.  You can advertise within your social circles at the gym, at school, at work, with your hair stylist or barber, your church or any place you go.

4.  Use Social Media.  You are on Facebook,  Twitter, Instagram, Google+.  Use text messaging, places on line to post ad's or use Google Adwords.

Motor Club of America offers three primary memberships under the Total Security Program
Total Security Basic for $19.95 per month - Download PDF (Most Popular)
Total Security Gold for $29.99 per month - Download PDF
Total Security Platinum for $39.99 - Download PDF (Provides Lucrative Residual Matrix Income)

MCA offers a lucrative customer referral program.  For any plan that is valued at 19.95 or more monthly, the company will pay you an $80 advance commission for each referral you make of those plans.  These commissions are paid out to the associate on the Friday of the following week the referral is made via direct deposit.  In order to receive payments, you much either login to your TVCMatrix account and set up this information (you'll automatically be prompted for this if you've made a sale) or call TVCMatrix Associate Services and provide them your bank's routing and account numbers.  Payment via mailed check is ONLY available for residents of Canada.  U.S. Residents MUST set up direct deposit.  Payment directly to accounts such as PayPal and pre-paids cards is not permissible.  Members must have a U.S. based bank in order to receive direct deposit

Motor Club Of America Documents

The Official Motor Club of America / TVC Matrix support line for all active MCA Associates is open 6 days a week.
Hours: 9 AM to 9 PM EST Monday through Saturday
Phone (866) 467-2221
Fax (405) 607-2500 / (405) 843-1160

Associate Service Department
3200 W Wilshire Blvd
Oklahoma City, OK  73116

TVCMatrix can assist you with sales, commissions, support or any other TVC Matrix / Motor Club of America question you may have.

The Call Center for when you need to use and take advantage of your services is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  This number is 1-800-227-6459 and can also be found on your membership card.

Below is a list of documentation that TVC Matrix / Motor Club of America provides you and information that you may be required to submit in as an associate with an active membership as well as those who pursue the income opportunity of the company.

  • Direct Deposit Form that you will need to complete and fax to our Associate Service Department at (405) 607-2500, allowing you to receive your commissions in your bank account by 12:01 am on payday. You can also call Member services at 866-467-2221 to set this up via phone. 

  • The Associate Agreement that you will need to complete, sign fax in to the number above or mail to the address above. This will allow you to sell TVC and MCA products as an independent business associate. You can start promoting immediately, but this information is still required

  • W-9 Form to be completed, signed and returned with your Associate Agreement to the address listed in 2.

  • State Motor Club Agent Licensing Form, which will need to be completed, signed and returned with your Associate Agreement and W-9 to the same address listed in 2.  (Not all states require you to be licensed as a Motor Club Agent to sell motor club products.  If the state in which you live requires you to be a licensed agent, we have attached the appropriate form to this email.  Both the Associate Agreement and the State Motor Club Agent Licensing Form, if applicable, need to be returned to us as quickly as possible to avoid any interruption or delays in commission payments.) Not all states require this so please review the State Licensing Requirements review of states that require agent licensing.

  • MCA Presentation Book, explaining the benefits of the MCA Security Products, is yours to use in your sales presentations and provides you with a presentation script.

  • MCA Security Product Summaries (MCA Total Security - MCA Security Gold - MCA Security Platinum) for all three of the MCA Security products.

  • MCA Service Contracts for the 3 different MCA products along with their respective certificates of participation in the AD&D, Hospital Indemnity, and ER benefits.

  • MCA Training Manual which explains processing and entering of orders, the marketing plan and referral techniques.

  • MCA Motor Club Application – an application to be used when selling memberships where a signature can be acquired.

  • AD&D Enrollment Form – which can be provided to the new member at time of enrollment on the Total Security Plan.  This form is required to be completed, sent and received at the address listed in 2 for the additional $50,000 AD&D to go into effect. This is the ONLY benefit which DOES NOT go into effect until you provide the forms back to TVCMatrix

  • Back Office Users Guide – explains the use and function of your TVC Matrix Online Back Sales Office.

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